Learning Through the Circle of Life

Learning Through
The Circle of Life

July 9 – August 20, 2017
Learning Through the Circle of Life
is a six-session experience created specifically for the youth of Unity of Nashville and was written and will be taught by Charles Holt, a gifted Broadway actor and dynamic speaker.

This program is open to any child in our church in grade 6 - 12.  While there is no charge for this program, a commitment to attending at least 5 sessions plus the performance date is required. 
Friends may be invited as well with the permission of our Youth Director.

The curriculum for Learning Through the Circle of Life teaches emotional literacy and includes both classroom and stage performance experiences. The participants will present a final project by way of performance, to the wider congregation on Sunday, August 20th.

The dates and principles to be covered are
                                                                  July 9                    Order                                                        …
Pre -k through High School...

It's time to MOVE UP!
June 4 is the day we will honor all our children as they progress through school  and move up to their next grade level. 
All children and teens will be honored as they cross the bridge on the podium to celebrate their hard work during the 2016-2017 school year and to 'graduate' those who are moving from one Unity classroom into the next. 

We will especially honor our senior who graduated from high school this year! 
It's a sweet time to honor our children as they progress along their academic and spiritual path.  

Join us, June 4!

Come be part of Community Care Sunday in our classrooms Kindergarten - High School to pray for people experiencing homelessness,  and to create blessing cards and bracelets to be distributed by the Community Care Ministry  downtown Nashville this Sunday.
The persons receiving these cards and gifts in the past have been so appreciative of them. 
Our children's service to them by creating the cards and bracelets and blessing them with love and prayers are making a wonderful contribution to Peace for those who receive and within themselves. 
Join the Fun! Easter Sunday, April 16 Unity of Nashville Easter Egg Hunt Gather on the deck following the 10:00 service Ages toddler - 11 Also, donate large plastic eggs and wrapped candy, or pre-filled eggs April 2 and 9. Thanks!
Teachers: Do you see the importance of your work?
Our kids are not just our future, they are our gift: the Present! And meeting their spiritual needs are just as important as for adults.
Please consider volunteering to help provide this program for all ages,  pre-school through high school! All materials and lesson plans provided for you, as well as on-going support and training. Every classroom has 2 adults each Sunday and we ask for your commitment once a month.
Stop by to see Melanie Ladd on Sundays, or e-mail for an application.

Family Picnic